I´ve got inspired to develop my own 3D dolly/crane/steady camera rig after looking at some real-world references. Here is the result:

Available for download:

v1.0 | 28.08.2011

v1.2 | 24.09.2011

v1.1 | 19.09.2011


1. Please tag rp_CameraRig into your animations/videos/wtv or send me links. Would be lovely to see what you guys have been doing with it.
2. This rig is free for personal use, studios or companies should contact me first before using it.
3. Feel free to drop me any suggestions, comments, ideas or anything else.

Enjoy ;)

  • monty says:

    avaible for max 2012 – 2013 ?

  • alnoman says:

    *Can i use vray cameras?

    When i have a path constraint animation then some icons are not moving… Do i need to move it manually to use bend option?

    *I wanted to move the whole camera set to other places when i’m not using any path in my animation.. how can i do it?

    *slider of the ‘Camera_CTRL_Main’ object modifier are not smooth.

    I have attached my test file (2012 x64).

  • hi says:


    Tank you for this donate
    but in softimage 2012 is problem .

  • Fabio says:

    Parabens pelo belo trabalho!

  • Oi Renato, ficou legal o rig.
    Minha sugestao seria implementar a opcao de stereoscopia :)

  • nbreslow says:

    Tried it out today – looks great and it worked great. Thanks so much!

  • Erickson says:

    Show de bola e muito útil ! Na verdade acho que faltava mesmo isso para o max. Parabéns mesmo, abraços.

  • dknik says:

    Good job, looks really useful! Waiting for the maya version!!!

  • Mineirinho says:

    Cara, parabéns! Perfeito seu setup, é funcional e útil demais.

  • Canario says:

    Muito bommm!!!!
    parabéns Polimeno!!!

  • Is there a Maya version ?