Variable FK Using Softimage ICE

I was watching this amazing rig from Rigging Dojo mentor Jeff Brodsky in which he expands the well-known FK to a whole other level and I´ve decided to take the challenge to rebuild it myself using ICE!

First I´ve tried to recreate the variable FK enterily procedural but unfortunately softimage does not allow “hacky circular dependencie things” and gave me a bunch of cycle errors.. Then to overcame this issue I split the system into a few separeted parts (basicly a initial static kinestate aka “bind pose” and the actual rig calculations) which still keeps a level of good modular workflow and an easy process of add/remove controls/bones at any point in time user needs.. Anyways hit play on the video below so you can get the idea:

Download all the files for FREE by following the link (.zip includes scenes, WIPs and compounds):